Black | Steel Canada Roofing and Siding in Mississauga



Features and Benefits

Slate look metal roofing – Rustic charm of slate roofing at a fraction of the cost
Unique burnished slate profile – At a fraction of the weight of real slate
G90 Galvanized steel – Exceptional strength and walkable
4-way Interlocking steel panels – Wind resistant and quick to install
Concealed fastener system – Maintenance-free and weathertight
28 Gauge panels – Installed directly to roof deck
Matte and textured finishes – with exceptional stain resistance and adhesion
Made in Canada – The most cost effective metal roofing solution

Available Colours
Black Matte
RAL 9005
Dark Brown Matte
RAL 8019
Graphite Grey
RAL 7024
Dark Grey
RAL 7039
Slate Metal Roof Panel Dimensions
Architectural / Structural Panel

Panel Width: 39.5″
Panel Length: 12.5″
Finishes: Matte/Crinkle look low gloss
Paint system: Becker Paint System

Property ASTM Method
Material Thickness 28 Gauge
Gloss (60 degrees) D523 GU <6
Colour change D2244 Vert 30 years warranty
Film integrity 40 years warranty
Adhesion (T- Bend test) 2T no taped removal
Chalking D4214( Method A) Vert 30 years warranty
Hardness DX51D (ASTM 653 CS)
Application Guide Condition
General market application Product Application Residential and commercial buildings
Climates, country & regional localisation Weathering requirement UV and temperature conditions in North America
Environments, pollution and chemical resistance Corrosion requirement Normal Environment
Material Chemistry – Carbon- 0.025; Manganese- 0.131; Phosphorous- 0.011; Sulphur- 0.01

Our products are coated with

Beckry®Tex low gloss anti-reflective paint formulas by Beckers. Available in the Wrinkle line of textured coatings developed for roofing applications. These unique low shine colour options are better suited for Canadian homes thank cheaper shiny metal roofing panels. Covered by 40 years film integrity warranty as indicated on ASTM test data.